Dear regular readers,

I’m writing to let you know about some updates to the blog site, two opportunities for pilgrimage, and an exciting new endeavor here at Holy Cross.

As always, thank you for subscribing to the blog, for reading, for sharing, and for commenting. This project has become an essential aspect of my monastic and Christian life. I have the opportunity, and sometimes the challenge, of reflecting regularly on my life in God and the privilege and responsibility of sharing that life with you, my extended community. Thank you for participating in this ministry.

Site Updates

If you’ve been to the main blog site in the last week, you’ll notice the site has a different look. I wanted to make the site more complete and more fully and obviously integrated with the other aspects of my life and work. You’ll now find easily accessible links to the monastery website, to a twice-monthly video podcast I put together about my life as a knitter and maker, to information about upcoming pilgrimage opportunities, and to the website for the Holy Cross capital campaign. I also hope to put together a list of resources on contemplative and eco-based Christian spirituality soon.


After my recent two-week pilgrimage to the UK, I have caught the pilgrimage bug. I’m excited to let you know about two upcoming opportunities to join me on pilgrimage. In January 2019, Fr. Matthew Wright and I will lead a group to southern India to immerse ourselves in the Christian ashram movement and the conjoining of the Eastern and Western contemplative traditions. And in May 2020, I’ll lead a group on a contemplative immersion to Iona and Lindisfarne, including the 62-mile St. Cuthbert’s Way. For more information, and to sign up for e-mail updates about the pilgrimages, please click here.

Open Doors, Open Hearts

Some of you may know that we at the monastery have just launched a capital funds campaign. With the Open Doors, Open Hearts campaign, we hope to raise $3 million to renovate the monastic church and parts of the guesthouse and to increase our endowment to help meet future capital projects. The good news is that we have already secured pledges in excess of $2 million! But, we need your help to make the rest of our goal.

Please take a moment to watch this short video about the capital campaign. Then, take a moment to visit the Open Doors, Open Hearts website where you’ll find detailed project information and a pledge calculator. I hope you’ll consider making a pledge, which can be payable over three years, to support our life and work, of which these weekly meditations are a part. Please also consider sharing our need with your community. We can’t do it alone!

Thank you for however you’re able to help.


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading the blog and offering your own experiences and comments. I have grown a tremendous amount from my engagement both with you and with my writing.

With love,

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